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National parks and protected areas


Argentina counts on an extensive system of national parks destined to protect the natural and cultural patrimony of the country.
The first parks were the Nahuel Huapi and the Iguazú, both created in 1934. Between the last ones they are San Guillermo (1998), the Flake (2000) and the Leoncito (2002).

Altogether there are 27 national parks (in addition to reserves and monuments).

They occupy 4 % of the Argentine territory almost, about 3 million hectares, taken care of by 200 guardaparques approximately.

The Administration of National Parks, regulated by Law 22,351 of 1980, has its seat in avenue Santa Fe 960, in Buenos Aires.

Its management is decentralized and it is in the orbit of the Secretariat of Tourism of the Nation.

Its roll is to manage a system of areas protected like one of the fundamental tools of conservation for the maintenance of the biological diversity, the natural and cultural patrimony and the excellent landscaping characteristics of the country.

At the moment the organism also mentioned administers to three species animals: the austral frank whale, huemul and taruca, under the Natural Monument figures. In addition to the parks, 250 protected estates that are under municipal and provincial jurisdiction or private management exist around.

They are known with diverse denominations: Provincial parks, Forest Reserves, Educative Refuges, Natural Reserves of the Biósfera, Reserves and Natural Monuments.  

 Listing of National Parks of Argentina



  • National Park Pilcomayo (Formosa)
  • National Park Formosa (Formosa)
  • National Park Iguazú (Misiones)
  • Nature Reserve San Antonio (Misiones)
  • National Park El Rey (Salta)
  • National Park Los Cardones (Salta)
  • National Park El Impenetrable (Chaco)
  • National ParkCopo (Santiago del Estero)
  • National Park Chaco (Chaco)
  • Nature Reserve Colonia Benítez (Chaco)
  • National Park Mburucuyá (Corrientes)
  • National Park Campo de Los Alisos (Tucumán)
  • National Park Estricta Aconquija (Tucumán)
  • National Park San Guillermo (San Juan)
  • National Park Ischigualasto (San Juan)


  • National Park El Leoncito (San Juan)
  • National Park Quebrada del Condorito (Córdoba)
  • National Park Predelta-Diamante (Entre Ríos)
  • National Park Sierra de Las Quijadas (San Luis)
  • National Park Los Venados (San Luis)
  • National Park Otamendi (Buenos Aires)
  • National Park Lihué Calel (La Pampa)







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