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The Legends and Myths Patagonian "Kospi" how the flowers were born. w page

A long, long time, the plants still had flowers. At that time lived in a beautiful southern girl named tehuelche Kospi, soft hair and sweet brown eyes.

A stormy afternoon, when the flash of lightning lit up every corner of the earth, Karut (thunder), leaning out stared at the entrance at Kau (canopy) of their parents.

The looked so beautiful that even though it was rustic, surly and rough, became infatuated with her. Fearing that cute little girl turned him down, abducted her and fled away, rumbling in the sky until it disappeared from view of the terrified parents of the girl.

Arriving at the high and snowy mountains, hid it in the bottom of a glacier. Closed since there was so much pain and grief he felt was slowly cooled until it became an ice floe, melting into the rest of the glacier.

Later, Karut wanted to visit and check her disappearance, was exceeding wroth throwing bellows of despair. Both rolled to the ocean noise and attracted many clouds started to rain and rain on the glacier to melt completely.
So Kospi was transformed into water and ran downhill in a hurry rushing torrent. Then he slid down the green valleys and soaked the earth.

Come spring, his heart felt anxious to see the light, feel the warm caress of the wind and ecstasy contemplating the starry sky at night.

He climbed slowly through the roots and stems of plants and poked her pretty head on the tips of the branches, in the form of colorful petals. They were born flowers. Then it was more cheerful and beautiful in the world. For this reason it is called the Kospi tehuelches the petals of flowers.
In language Tsoneka or Kospi tehuelche it is called the flower petals.
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