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The beauty of the Camino de los Siete Lagos.

One of the most beautiful circuits Corridor of Lagos in the province of Neuquén is the Road of the Seven Lakes, linking Villa la Angostura and San Martin de los Andes.

There are 110 kilometers of them half-gravel from which numerous lakes, campgrounds, forests, national parks and mountain scenery are accessed. We recommend doing this in private or rented vehicle and at least three days. Many athletes do also cycling.7_lagos_2

The circuit passes through the National Park Nahuel Huapi and Lanin, close to the neighboring country of Chile, which is accessed directly, a few minutes from Villa La Angostura, through the Cardenal Samore border pass (open 8 to 20) .

Villa la Angostura From the first lake you see is the mirror, the reflection characteristic of the mountains above the water and its shores there from reeds and rocks to volcanic sand.

The road continues along the Espejo Chico, about two kilometers from the main road, near a bridge and an old inn currently unused.

lago villarino

From there, you enter the Drafty, one of the largest lakes in the circuit, full of bays and beaches, ideal for a new rest.

The next stop is on the Pichi Traful River, one of the many arms of the lake, where you can enjoy a day of adventure camping activities. There, the possibility of a section on the way and reach the Lake Traful the shores of the homonymous village where there is a viewpoint that allows a full view of the lake and surrounding mountains arises.

Back to Seven Lakes Road, you come to Lake Escondido brightly colored and cut by ancient coihues.

Lago Correntoso

Once the gravel road ends, Villarino and Falkner lakes, where a succession of beaches distinctive from the rest of the Patagonian lakes sand appear. The first is named for a Spanish sailor and second honors the memory of an old Jesuit priest. In both, there are campsites with grocery and very good trout fishing occurs.

Once inside the Lanin National Park Visit the Beautiful Lake with a large service area and guided horseback rides through a turn 2 kilometers from the road. An ideal for camping, boating, fishing and water sports. From there, you can also access on horseback or on foot to Lake of the Carmens.
The last of the lakes before arriving in San Martin de los Andes is the Machónico also glacial and recommended for surf kayaks or canoes.


San Martin de los Andes.

At the entrance to the town of San Martin de los Andes by the Seven Lakes Road is one of the most important places mirrors as Lácar Lake, whose shores offer beach days, navigations and some water sports. The road along the northern sector is linking the town with Pirehueico (Chile) through the International Paso Hua Hum. Among his most notable islands Santa Teresita, Los Patos Island and Islita known beachfront of Trompul appear. On the south bank another favorite tourism is Quila Quina.

From the city a visit to Lake Lolog, about 12 kilometers from the village, ideal for lovers of sport fishing is also recommended.


Also in the area are Lake Meliquina surrounded by beech and evergreen, which is accessed by a gravel road from San Martin; and Lago Filo Hua Hum, recommended for fishing rainbow and brook trout.

Now closer to Junin de los Andes Carilaufquen, Curruhué and Epulaufquen appear, all within the department Huiliches and Lanin National Park. One of the main attractions of the place are known as the Baths Baths Epulaufquen. The access road has some outstanding and is gravel, so not massively assists tourism. There are campsites and proveedurías.

volcan lanin

The most popular for backpackers and families who like camping in nature and are Huechulaufquen Paimún separated by few kilometers between the two via a gravel road departure from Junín de los Andes.

The first, larger, has an estimated 500 to 800 meters depth, and from Puerto Canoas offers a catamaran to discover the volcanic slag there way to Lake Epulaufquen. The second is known for its fauna; It is ideal for camping, fishing and hiking; and offers a great view of the Lanin volcano.

In the same region the past two lakes broker added: Queñi, 10 kilometers from the border with Chile, where you can also access some baths with water up to 35 degrees; and Tromen, which is accessed by the Malleo River valley where they live several Mapuche communities, characterized by strong waves and black sand shores of volcanic origin.

Important: To travel in the Patagonian routes, it is important to check the road conditions before each trip to your 0810-333-7882.

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