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The Magellanic penguin undisputed lord of the Patagonian coasts.

The Magellanic penguin forms large colonies on the rocky shores of Antarctica, the Antarctic islands and southern Patagonia.


.It is one of the smallest species, and the only representative of the genus Pygoscelis to have a decidedly short beak.


It has black back, head and throat and the remaining white parts.


His strong social sense is nothing but a ploy to better deal with the hard life in extreme places.


Despite the obvious aptitude for swimming - essential for procuring the crustaceans and fish of which it feeds - it knows how to move quickly even on land, sliding on its belly through the frozen expanses.


At the end of the Antarctic winter it moves towards the hinterland to nest.


Couples remain united throughout their lives, even if the actual period of cohabitation is limited to a few days a year.


The female lays 2 eggs which she entrusts to the male to be able to head to the sea to replenish her fat reserves.


On return, he changes his wife; after just over a month of hatching, chicks covered in gray down with silver reflections are born.




State of preservation.

Status iucn3.1 NT it.svg

Next to the threat (nt)

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