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Campsites in the province of Neuquén.

In the past few years, there has been a strong tendency towards tourism and recreation in contact with nature: more and more tourists wish to visit natural sites, and enjoy the peace that nature gives them.

This search to bond with nature in a more direct and active, but at the same time more responsible way, valuing and respecting the native natural and socio-cultural peculiarities of the destinations, gave life to Nature Tourism. This tourist modality looks to create a more direct relationship with nature, in which people worry for the preservation of the natural and cultural resources of the area where they practise recreational activities.

Within nature tourism, camping is one of the most practised and widely spread tourist recreational activities in the natural areas of the province, whether protected areas or not. One of the most distinctive offers of this type of spaces, and one that is on the increase, is the possibility to spend the night surrounded by nature.

With the aim of building the necessary infrastructure and facilities for the better attention of users of provincial camping areas, preserving the natural and cultural resources, and offering tourists a wide range of possibilities to enjoy a satisfying tourist recreational experience, the SubSecretary of Tourism is developing the Plan for the Strengthening of the Provincial Camping Areas of Neuquén.

What to do.

Meet people from different places, share a bonfire, go trekking, stare at the sky, go fishing, watch flora and fauna from the place, do some adventure activities, tour beautiful places on horseback or by bicycle or just sleep in touch with nature, in privileged places where camping can become the best lodging option. Those are some of the options that the camping areas of the province have to offer.

Where to camp.

Neuquén has a large amount of camping sites that offer different services depending on the tourist area and its development.

In general, the camping sites of the province are places of great scenic beauty located on the banks of lakes or mountain rivers. A high percentage of camping sites lie within the jurisdiction of national parks or natural protected areas. Besides, there are some administered by mapuche communities, which allow campers to interact with members of this interesting culture.

The greatest amount of camping sites is concentrated mostly in Patagonia of Lakes, a tourist area that is highly visited during summer by campers from different points of the country and from abroad, mainly by the seven lakes route.

However, in the rest of the tourist areas, you can find different types of camping sites, prepared to satisfy the needs of all kinds of visitors.

source: Argentina Photo Gallery
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