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The Salto Encantado is one of the most impressive leaps in the province of Misiones.

Cainguás Department in the Province of Misiones, is faithful representative of this region waterfalls combining with an exciting jungle environment. One of the most famous landmarks is the Salto Encantado Provincial Park, located 5 kilometers from the homonymous Villa and 8 kilometers from the city of Aristobulo del Valle.

Tour Wedge Piru Creek, extends its 706 hectares sheltering numerous species of fauna and flora, which give it its particular beauty. The song of the swallows, the sympathy of the coatis and the roar of the jaguars provide a spectacle worthy sounds to be heard.

salto encantado

Inevitable will go Salto Encantado Provincial Park and not want to meet the magical view of the Salto Encantado: majestic water falls from a height of 60 meters and sliding rapidly, parallel to an imposing rock wall, causing the characteristic steam that announces the end of its route.

salto encantado 3

This work of art that nature gives deserves to be appreciated when the sun goes down and artificial lights are on, while nocturnal animals begin to make their presence felt.


In addition, visitors can marvel at the La Olla, the Hummingbird, Escondido and Agouti, each with its peculiarities but all pouring the liquid vital to enable the development of various species in this heavenly destination; with the Interpretation Center, located at the park entrance; and trails that allow enjoy the scenery with all the senses.

Upstream of the creek, a natural crystalline pool and allowed to cool; the camping area calls those who can not resist the spell of his postcards, offering barbecues, grills, restaurant, lighting and health.

salto encantado 5

Another option is staying at the Lodge which is located within the premises: a rustic architecture that does not clash with its surroundings, all services for a comfortable stay are provided; excursions; rappel; Mountain biking; horseback riding and 4x4 trips, among other activities.

salto encantado 4

Immortalizing the Guarani legend that expresses the homage of Tupa, your God, the love between the daughter and the son of enemies caciques, Salto Encantado attracts all tourists who pass through this region of northeastern Argentina.

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