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5 best places for rafting in Argentina.

The 5 best places for rafting in Argentina are: Oath Canyon River in Salta; Atuel River Canyon, just outside of San Rafael, Mendoza, the Aluminé River in Neuquén, Río Manso Bariloche and the Corcovado River in Chubut.

Rafting is a team sport where all the crew of the boat row and position your weight in a coordinated way along the river rapids and stay afloat.

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The standard number of people boarding a boat is six to eight crew by size.

On the rafting the degree of difficulty is classified as rivers, ranging from grades 1-6, with 1 being the easiest and 6 only for experts, as they are quite dangerous and are at the limit of navigability criteria .

1 - In the heart of the province of Mendoza and a thousand miles from Buenos Aires, the city of San Rafael surprised with magical places like Canyon Atuel, ideal for watersports and mountain activities. A destination that also offers great nightlife and cultural activities for combining relaxation, fun and entertainment for the whole family.

This allows river sailings throughout the year, however, between November and March are the months of highest flow.

The difficulty level varies from II to III, and this generates alternatives suitable for all audiences.

There are several service companies that offer this tour with different types of tours. The shorter of six kilometers intermediate one 10 and the longest is 16, with estimated time between one and two hours.

The values ​​ranges from U $ S 12 to U $ S 20, plus the transfer. Price includes briefing, safety features and external support teams.

2 - in the region of Valles Calchaquies and about 65 kilometers from the capital city of Salta, is the Embalse General Belgrano, popularly known as Cabra Corral dam. An attractive sheet of water, which in addition to functioning as an area of ​​recreation and sports, plays a vital for the irrigation of thousands of acres of fertile region role. Trekking, climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, bungee jumping and fishing take place. But the pin area is the drop in the Pledge river rafting, with difficulty to grade III.

During the voyage of adventure also attractive rock formations and numerous fossil algae condor nests that are hidden in the walls of the canyon are sighted. The trip combines rafting and canopy between trees cost around U $ S 73.

Other circuits include observation of dinosaur footprints and other natural attractions as well as tasting roasted Creole from U $ S 43 plus $ 20 S transfer.

3 - To the north of the province of Neuquén, a destination is booming Villa Pehuenia, with sports, cultural and adventure activities. Among its attractions are downhill Aluminé rafting on the river, a mighty arm that is born in the Andean Patagonian forest and reaches the steppe stretches of rapids between grades II and IV.

Experts choose the upper stretch of the river to the falls, while families and newcomers enjoy paddling downstream in the Wide Open, where the difficulty comes to grade II, and allows navigation throughout the year.

In this lower section, travelers also sighted the Canyon Cypress Bend, with huge walls on one side and sandy beaches on the other side.

During February of each year there one for Tourists Rafting Championships are held in single categories and family group or friends. Moreover, the upper stretch of the river other national powers develop.

4 - The fourth essential destination to enjoy rafting descents is Bariloche, recently declared National Capital Adventure Tourism. This is where one of the most challenging rivers for this sport is: Manso, an arm crossing melt almost completely Nahuel Huapi National Park.

The Manso River is unique in divided into three: the upper, middle and lower reaches, each with varying degrees of difficulty. The route goes to the border with Chile is recommended for athletes and a more specialized audience, as the river forms rapids class II combined with class IV streams.

Fit for all age journey is transiting the lower section of Manso, born in Lake Steffen. The itinerary includes a visit to the Huala-Hue lagoon and Lake St. Martin, as well as watching cohies, cypresses, and myrtles maitenes, and birds such as kingfishers and ibises.

5 - Finally, the last captive proposal for rafting in Argentina is the city of the Corcovado, near Trevalga in the province of Chubut. This Patagonian destination is distinguished by the quality of its fishing Guacho Fake Vintter and lakes. The mountain village is situated a few kilometers from the border with Chile and mainly attracts tourism for its rivers and streams.

In the latter destination Corcovado High River is known as the birthplace of rafting in the area, and is characterized by rapid house between II and III degrees of difficulty.

This arm drains into the Pacific Ocean and allows watching ibises, ducks and cormorants as well as foxes and European hares. It is also a river of snowmelt, and for this reason in the month of November recorded the highest flow.

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