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Ruta de Los Andes

Mendoza and San Juan is a good choice for Adventure lovers and wine. Today I have the main attractions in this circuit:

It offers a lot of wineries that open their doors to tourism. The vines grow in a desert land, transformed by man through irrigation ditches, canals and reservoirs.


The infrastructure for the wine tourist is well developed, offering all kinds of tours of the wine route.

The Aconcagua Provincial Park is known as the "Roof of America" ​​as the highest mountain in West 6,962 meters. High demand, the park also has some tracks for those with less exercise.

ruta de los andes

Malargüe City is known as the "Adventure Capital of Tourism" as its wide variety of geographic features, allows horseback riding, rappelling, rock climbing, mountain biking, 4 × 4 trips, rafting and fishing.

ruta de los andes1

One hour from Malargüe a recommended excursion is to the Caverna de las Brujas, a journey between stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and colors.

ruta de los andes2

San Juan is distinguished in the wine circuit Argentina to be producing one of the best Syrah export and exclusive Spa del Vino, unique in the country.

ruta de los andes3

Barreal White, totally desert area where the Leoncito National Park. 76 thousand hectares million years ago belonged to a lake and today has a whitish appearance. Its main attraction is the Astronomic Observatory and the Astronomical Leoncito Dr. Carlos Cesco.

ruta de los andes4

The Ischigualasto Provincial Park, popularly known as Valley of the Moon is one of the world's major paleontological sites where remains of vertebrates that inhabited the place, trails of footprints of dinosaurs and petrified trunks of Araucaria are sighted.

ruta de los andes5

Talampaya National Park-located 0 miles from Moon Valley, in San Juan-known for its strong orographic contrasts that make white deserts, stony embankments and extravagant ways reddish carved by erosion from wind and water.

ruta de los andes6

On the other must-see is the mountain range Rioja Reserva Provincial Laguna Brava. Inhospitable that despite the adverse weather conditions, has a rich wildlife. The most notable species is the vicuña, for which the reservation was generated because their population was in serious danger. Flamingos and guanacos also abound.

ruta de los andes7
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