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The Blue Dancer a true treasure hidden in the missionary jungle.

In a future post I will comment on my impressions lived when visiting the impressive Iguazú National Park within which are the famous Fallsconsidered one of the 7 Wonders of the World, located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, as Travel Memories.

I am grouping this collection of Travel Memories delving into the depths of my memory, to try to take out of each trip the most salient, most curious, most impressive aspects.



I stayed for several days and had the opportunity to see several specimens of the native fauna and flora of that region up close.

And, specifically regarding fauna, I was struck by the dazzling colors of many birds.

Today I am going to refer to one of them that I had the possibility of photographing, however it is quite difficult to do so because it is not seen closely. Its habitat is the deep interior of the missionary jungle.

The Blue Dancer.



It is the Blue Dancer, a bird of very beautiful colors and that receives this name for the bridal dance that he practices when trying to conquer his partner.

It is a true treasure hidden in the missionary jungle. Her bridal dance is of extraordinary beauty.

As in many species of tropical and subtropical birds, the most striking colors are worn by the male. The female has much more modest colors.

The male has a very striking coloration, with a light blue body and a bright red hood, in contrast to black wings.



The female has a much more modest plumage, being entirely olive green, lighter in the ventral area. Juvenile males are also green, albeit with the small red cap.

The Blue Dancer has long been proposed as a provincial bird of Misiones. Its approval is still pending.

The beginning of the bridal dance.

The Blue Dancers announce, with their singing, the beginning of the love procession.



Other pretenders join at once.



There is a very particular dance fashion to attract your partner.



The female will incline her preferences towards the best dancer.



The males begin the dance displaying the best of their technique.



A juvenile male observes the choreography to see how it is done.



For generations they dance on the same branch.



The dance continues uninterrupted.



Finally the female appears, the true reason for so much histrionic unfolding.



But nevertheless all the "artistic" demonstrations remain indifferent. Obviously he is not interested in either of the two adult candidates.



You will have to keep testing.


The disappointment of one of the candidates.





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