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Strict Nature Reserve San Antonio is one of the more recent missionary protected areas.

Strict Nature Reserve San Antonio is located in the northeastern province of Misiones, department General Belgrano, 5 km from the eponymous town and 338 km from the provincial capital city of Posadas, 26 ° 08'S 53 ° 43 'O.

Decree No. 2149/90 of 10 October 1990 appointed a section of the forest station (IFONA) National Forestry Institute located in the department General Belgrano as strict nature reserve.

The San Antonio River on the border with Brazil, is the northern boundary and the stream The Heavy west. To the south, bordering the fields of the Experimental Station of the National Institute of Agricultural Technology Gral. Belgrano.

This area was the "Forest Station Gral. Manuel Belgrano", the IFONA, he did experiments with forest trees (conifers, eucalyptus), and maintained an intact native flora closure.


With the dissolution of the National Forestry Institute, the National Parks Administration received part of these lands and make the booking.

This figure Strict Nature Reserve (RNE) imposes the highest degree of intangibility to the applied area. There, with the closing direct human interference is minimized (visits are not allowed, except by authorized scientific purpose and / or for control and monitoring) in order to allow the plant and animal communities and ecological processes are developed free and spontaneously.


Category is a relatively new coincident with the figure of "national park" of the law 22 351. Argentina were created with the "educational nature reserve" and "wild nature reserve" by Decree No. 2148/90, regulatory complement of the Act.

Reserve maintains a different Iguazu National Park which is the misioera jungle plants but, being located 560 meters above sea level, has unique characteristics: it is the Araucaria forests. Missions that in 1960 there were 210 000 ha and are currently only about 2,000.


Frequent specimens are yerba mate, black laurel, white guatambú, this sample of Parana Pine Forest has natural copies of Parana pine or curí (Araucaria angustifolia), typical of the high and cold mountain areas of southeastern Brazil. This sp. is a conifer native to the same family pehuén, Araucaria Patagonia. Large size reaches 30 m in height with edible seeds that are used by the villagers.

It adds to the Provincial Parks "PP Cruce Caballero" and "PP Araucaria", preserves the last remnants of these forests, from 210,000 in 1960 has been calculated, there are 1,200.


Surface: 600 had been estimated, but later studies argue that it has a 450 (now no land surveying).

Created: October 10, 1990, Decree No. 2149/90 of PEN.

World Migratory Bird Day 2013

On 11 and 12 May is commemorated around the world the "Migratory Bird Day in San Antonio.


Strict Nature Reserve San Antonio is one of the newest protected areas, created in 1990, and covers an area of 400 hectares in the northeast of the province of Misiones. Surrounded by the eponymous river north and east, the reserve protects part of the Parana and Misiones rainforest.

This area belonged to the Forest Station Gral. Manuel Belgrano, who performed experiments with interest forest trees, such as conifers and eucalyptus, and kept an intact native flora sector. When the National Forestry Institute, which depended on the season, the Parks Administration took possession of the land to create the reserve was dissolved.

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