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Buenos Aires Street Art

Buenos Aires Street Art.

MACA paint mural in Villa 21-24 in Buenos Aires.

The collective MACA together with volunteers completed a huge mural last week in the biggest villa in Buenos Aires.

The artwork of 370m2 in Villa 21-24 in Barracas took the 13 members of the Museo a Cielo Abierto (MACA)  collective six weeks to complete with help from from neighbours from the area. 

The project was organised by Catalina Cabrera together with artistic coordinator Julian Zacariaz.
MACA paint mural in Villa 21-24 in Buenos Aires.
This mural featuring a Maori with his tongue sticking out was completed by Niño de Cobre earlier this month in Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires.

Niño de Cobre is an Argentine street artist from Santa Fe who specialises in painting realistic portraits.

The face of the man is decorated with ‘ta moko’ or Maori tattoos that often contains ancestral tribal messages specific to the wearer.
Maori mural by Niño de Cobre in Palermo.

Soda Stereo mural by Kiki in Buenos Aires.

Colombian street artist Kiki (real name Cris Herrera) finished a new mural in Chacarita, Buenos Aires dedicated to the Argentine rock band Soda Stereo a couple of weeks ago. The project was organised by BA Joven.

Kiki told BA Street Art: “For me Soda Stereo are one of the benchmarks of music in Latin America when I was growing up and I was really excited by the idea of painting a tribute to the band. 

The idea is I chose to develop the mural was to represent the band with Latin American vibe and link it a little to what I like to paint that is nature relating to our ancestors and the spiritual world.”
Soda Stereo mural by Kiki in Buenos Aires.

Alfredo Segatori paints trash mural in Palermo.

Alfredo Segatori has completed a spectacular new mural in Palermo made of recycled materials at a new bar in Palermo. Exclusive photos by BA Street Art.

The artwork featuring a portrait of an old man has been created out of recycled items such as a car parts, bicycle wheels,tyres, rusty cans, a computer, a telephone and scrap metal and was completedtwo weeks ago for the opening of Desarmadero Bar in Palermo Viejo.
Alfredo Segatori paints trash mural in Palermo.

Owl mural by Paul Mericle in Buenos Aires.

Paul Mericle was in Buenos Aires a few weeks ago and painted this stunning new mural of a Great-Horned owl in Coghlan. The project was organised by BA Street Art.
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Baltimore street artist Paul Mericle was staying in Buenos Aires for the second time in four months and this is the second mural he’s created, this time featuring an owl that is indigenous to the Americas.
Owl mural by Paul Mericle in Buenos Aires.

New giant mural in Buenos Aires by Spear and Leticia Bonetti.

Belgian muralist Spear together with Argentine street artist Leticia Bonetti completed a new megamural in Buenos Aires on Sunday. Project was curated and organised by Buenos Aires Street Art. Photos of the process by Adri Godis for Buenos Aires Street Art.

The artwork measuring 700m2 was organised and curated by Buenos Aires Street Art and took 18 days for the two street artists to complete. 

The amazing mural has already helped transform the area and bring a smile to many people who live and work in the zone of Saldias. Many thanks to the project sponsors Alba Pinturas, Kuwait Aerosol Urbano and Maquinarias Pyramiz for their fantastic support.
New giant mural in Buenos Aires by Spear and Leticia Bonetti.

Barrio Chino street art by Indigo Ars in Buenos Aires.

Indigo Ars has painted a new series of murals with a Chinese theme in Barrio Chino in Buenos Aires over the last few months. BA Street Art spoke with the Argentine street artist about some of his latest creations and how it all started.
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Barrio Chino, located in the neighbourhood of Belgrano (centred around five blocks along Arribeños Street) is a tourist attraction and famous for its Chinese restaurants, food stalls, stores selling imported goods from China and local businesses offering Chinese medicine, massages and acupuncture

Over the last year, the Chinatown of Buenos Aires has also become well known for its street art.
Barrio Chino street art by Indigo Ars in Buenos Aires.
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