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Lagunas de Yala, water mirrors in height with a stunning vegetation.

Surrounding environment, Lagoons and wing are located in the Capital Department, to 2.306msnm

In total there are six access but this will only enable them to three bodies of water that are in high amid lush greenery and looks like a mirage in the mountains, a dream.

They are known as: The Noques, Alizar, The Trough, Drainage, Rodeo, Long.

The thick vegetation and flowers form in an attractive landscaped setting extension.

Wildlife species coexists composed of blemishes, herons, ducks, coots and cormorants.


There are low areas where dwelling parrots, magpies, wild turkeys, and other higher occupied by owls, hawks, kingfishers, condors, and reptiles. It is also rather rare nesting birds, and lagoons trout and mackerel was raised.

The access road is winding, hilly, picturesque and starts in the town of Yala, then passing the Black Bridge.

In total in this area are six lagoons but access is enabled only three of them constituting bodies of water in high amid lush greenery and looks like a mirage in the mountains, a dream.


Activities Potrero de Yala Provincial Park

The activities permitted in the park include hiking, climbing high mountain, biking, photographic safaris and free camping area or enabled on the grounds of the lodge with payment of fees.

There are two areas equipped for free camping, one on the banks of the Rodeo Lagoon and the other at the end of the trail Montane. Fishing is allowed only in the Rodeo Lagoon on certain days and times.


Time of year when you can visit: All year.

Camping in Potrero de Yala Provincial Park

Free: There are two areas enabled, located on the banks of the Rodeo Lagoon and the end of the trail Montane Forest.

Camping at Hosteria Laguna Complex has in its premises with an area designated as the site. The payment of the prescribed fee for the camp is entitled to use the restrooms and grills.


How to get there?

By Naciona Route No. 9 to the town of Yala (km 14) splicing with Provincial Highway No. 4 Los Nogales access, then, after crossing the Yala River by Black Bridge will access the park, along a winding road with mountain views varied landscapes


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