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Walking the Black River Valley: Route of Apple.

The Upper Black River Valley and Neuquén is the area where there is a large number of growers, packers and exporters, ie apples, pears and other fruits such as fine wines.
The climate, rich soil and the tenacity of the old people in the Valley have become the source of excellent fruits, export quality.
With the construction of Ballester Dam and irrigation canals from 1880 about the Valley has established itself as the leading producer and exporter of fruit nuggets country.

The structure of the Road covers export apple fruit, as their derivatives juices, wine, cider and champagne, and lately has been an interesting development on the basis gastronomic apple. Also in this route are refrigerators and packing sheds, starting your tasks with the collection or harvest, from the second half of January, ending in mid-April.
There are several establishments that have guided tours or for the fields, packing sheds, warehouses and cider for observing and knowing the entire production process that ends with the export of fruit or stored in refrigerating visits.
La, favorite on Christmas tables, cider has a legendary past, as they say in Gaul. This alcoholic drink is produced by the fermentation of apple juice.
Obtained by pressing or crushing broadcast, edited and deprived of suspended solids, the juice is subjected to a series of careful fermentation and racking, reaching an alcoholic richness of 4 ½ to 6 degrees.
For a premium cider requires three types of blocks: acid, malic acid rich; bitter, sweet and rich in tannin, high in sugar, but discard all this means that you are not going to the domestic or foreign market.
The residue that remains after pressing has two uses: food for pigs or base for the production of spirits.
The cider is produced throughout the world. In our country and Mendoza Black River capitalized almost all production.
ruta della manzana
Sulkis tours and visits to farms.
The chakras are energy production, rural areas where old pioneers in our region, in order to survive, they developed the first crops. Many of these immigrants found in fruit his true calling and went along with his founding Afincando large rural local families. With
A walk through these places let you know how old rural jobs were done without today's technology.
The Association "Grandchildren and great grandchildren Pioneers", settled in rural Father Alejandro Stefenelli in General Roca, offers guided tours or visits, transporting visitors in old carriages pulled by horses passing through crop of pears and apples . The carriages have been refurbished following the original designs, as some are centuries old. An ideal time for visits is when the fields are in full bloom of fruit (August / September) and when fruits (February / March) are harvested.

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