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The Yacuy Provincial Park is a protected natural area in the province of Misiones.

The Yacuy Provincial Park is a protected area of the province of Misiones Argentina natural area.

It is located in the General Manuel Belgrano Department and has an area of 347 hectares.

It is an annex of the Iguazu National Park and its purpose is to protect the ecosystem of the river basin Yacuy.
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It was created in 1991 by Act No. 2876.

Location: General Manuel Belgrano department, municipality of Andrés Guac urari.

Surface: 347 has.36as.50 ca. Its aim is to append the Iguazu National Park bordering one surface thereof.
parque nacional yacuy
The name of this park comes from Yacuy River surrounding the same.
Vegetation: rosewood (Aspidosperma polineuron) are part of the forest laurel, guatambú; associated with these palmetto.
Fauna: tapir (land tapirus), brown deer (Mazama americana), the ocelot (Felis pardalis). As for the birds we find the merganser (Mergus octozetaceus).

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