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Pictures and Landscapes of Argentina.

Annuary 2017 these were our 10 most popular posts.

You’ve had a curious year in 2017 — at least, those of you who read us at Argentina Discovery.

You and your fellow readers have explored a wide range of research-based political science analyses of everything from populism to pop culture.

To no one’s surprise, you were especially interested in analyses of the economy, politic and the nature. We thank you for your curiosity and hope to have you along in the coming year.
Until then, here are our 10 most widely read posts of the year:

Gualeguaychú Carnival The Carnival of the Country.

The Magellanic Penguin.

Conservation of the Jaguar and the Puma.


Climate in Argentina.


Cuyo the region of the high peaks.

Litoral, region of large rivers and magnificent forest.

National parks and protected areas.

Esteros del Iberá.

South America warms to Open Source.

Creole Park "Ricardo Guiraldes" Museum.

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