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Ecuador’s Correa Challenged Macri

President of Ecuador Rafael Correa challenged Mauricio Macri, President-elect of Argentina, for his proposal to exclude Venezuela from Mercosur for the alleged repression of the opposition, and said that “it is a clear meddling in the domestic affairs of the Government of President Nicolas Maduro.”

The President of Ecuador held that “there is a full campaign to discredit the Progressive Governments of the region, invoking the democratic clauses of Unasur or Mercosur, and it is totally mistaken.”

Correa told the press in the city of Manta that it would be very serious if some President believes that he can be the arbitrator on these matters.” 

According to Correa, the democratic clause cannot be applied against Venezuela, “because whether they like it or not, democracy rules in Venezuela through a political project that is tired of winning free elections.”
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