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National Park Nahuel Huapi


The main climatic characteristic of the climate of this national park is the diminution of precipitations of the west to this, happening of 3000mm in the limit with Chile until 600mm in the patagónica steppe. 

These estan concentrated in winter, when the snowed ones are frequent. The temperatures vary with the height, with 2200m.s.n.m like limit of perpetual snows. To 800m.s.n.m the average of the temperatures is of 8ºC, with an average of 15ºC in January and 2ºC in July, with ends of 33ºC and -15ºC. The park is crossed of north to the south by the Mountain range of the Andes, reason why the relief is mountainous.

The high mountain but of the park is the Tronador Hill of 3491m.s.n.m. The valleys in this sector of the mountain range are numerous and a diminution of the height with respect to regions is observed the north more.



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