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Diving and underwater excursions in Argentina.

The diving experience is ideal for travelers looking to add a fee of adventure on your trip to Argentina.

There are two environments for the practice of this activity: the Atlantic coast, perfect for its clear waters and abundant marine wildlife and areas of natural or artificial lakes (reservoirs) as seen in the map.

This is one of the most complete sensations that the human being can feel.zonas-buceo_thumb[2]

Through diving, man could visit the bottom of the sea, make an underwater world, fish and fondling visit legendary shipwrecks, feeling completely safe and adapted to the water environment.

To develop this activity is not required to possess great physical condition, not a defined swimming style. Just good enough to learn the technical aspects of diving for a carefree dive.

Before taking a diving course, we recommend that a previous "baptism" in open or closed waters are conducted, to be absolutely sure that you want to learn to dive.

This sport helps out of the ordinary, combat stress and find a universe that is beyond the reach of the senses.

Patagonia presents multiple scenarios for this activity. For this reason, it was time to make dreams come true at the bottom of the sea or a lake.

In Patagonia, on the Atlantic Ocean:

Puerto Madryn, is known as the "capital of diving" by offering exploration sites, flora and fauna and wide visibility.

  • The dive trips are accessible through guided tours or from shore.
  • By regulation, the dives last about 45 minutes and do not touch the animals.
  • One of the proposals in Puerto Madryn captive is diving with sea lions at Punta Loma and Punta Ameghino. The experience includes occasionally interaction with whales and dolphins.
  • For first time, one of the most visited sites is Punta Cuevas, just 200 meters from the beach, where numerous natural caves and marine species, including grouper, mussels and sea bream there.
  • For advanced (30 meters deep) is Madryn's Ark, a chest submerged in late 1999 by the local community, which contains messages for the generation of 2100.'s Also a plastic book for signatures and leave a stone box where Divers exchange elements.
  • Some of the most popular wrecks are: Rio de Oro, one wooden schooner which sank more than half a century; Albatros, a fishing vessel was submerged in 1998; and Polias, a ship that ran aground after suffering a fire.

In the same province of Chubut, and a few kilometers from Puerto Madryn, one of the best places for diving is the Peninsula Valdes Nature Reserve, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Widely known for right whales that arrive during the first days of June, also offers scuba diving among reefs in the Gulf Provincial Marine Park San Jose.

In the so-called Blue Route, which runs about 500 kilometers from "Blue parks" and petrified forests, another place recommended is Patagonia Coastal Marine Park, established 3 years ago in the town of Camarones Chubut. 130 thousand hectares are protected, ideal for snorkeling and watching penguins, whales and sea lions.

In the same province of Black River, among the elected figure diving Las Grutas, where water is characterized by its transparency and warmth destinations. The activity takes place throughout the year, and the months of visibility corresponding to autumn and winter. Some must see places are: Island Mussel, The Ship, Bright Side, La Escondida, Orengo and Underwater Park.

In Patagonia, on the Cordillera of the Andes:

In Bariloche are between November and April dives in the waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi. In Gallinas Island, you will find an underwater museum carved log cabin cable car and Cerro Otto. Nearby is San Miguel shipwreck in Victoria Island and the Sunken Forest Villa Traful.

At the end of the world:
Among the most extravagant destinations, is Ushuaia. There are recommended sailing the Beagle Channel and Lapataia with a fascinating underwater life and several shipwrecks to explore.

Some recommended sites are fueguinos: Ensenada Bay, Redonda Island, Obstruction Island, Puerto Teaspoon, Wolf Island, and Isla Iturrieta or Hache, ideal for nighttime experiences. Besides rock outcrops, kelp forests, crabs, sea lions, starfish and crabs are sighted. Shipwrecks are only suitable for experts; are the old steamer cruise Monte Sarmiento and Cervantes.

From Ushuaia, leads to Antarctica to dive in colder waters of the world, an activity that is combined with cruises and kayak trekking on ice.

Other options:

  • In the province of Buenos Aires, the seaside resort of Mar del Plata has 10 dive sites. The dives are far from the coast and allow the whale grouper, sea bream, salmon, starfish and crabs.
  • In the province of Córdoba, the city of Villa Carlos Paz is built on the banks of the San Roque Dam, known for its yacht clubs with fishing, boating, windsurfing, diving and snorkeling.
  • In the province of La Rioja is one of the most exotic destinations in Argentina diving in the lagoon that forms Crater Corona del Inca, located in the middle of a circle of volcanoes.
  • In the province of San Luis, the place La Florida-integral-Puntanas Sierras offers a reflecting pool of nearly 652 hectares, ideal for diving and fishing.
  • In the province of Mendoza, two captive options are Laguna Sosneado to almost 2,200 meters and Atuel Canyon, 37 miles from San Rafael.
  • In the province of Santiago del Estero, the favorite is Dock Front, in vicinity of Rio Hondo, where also water skiing, rowing, windsurfing, canoeing and pedal practiced.
  • In the province of Corrientes, the town has three Curuzú Cuatiá flooded quarries, whose depth reaches 21 meters, ideal for night watching fish and terrapins.
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