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Catamarca route volcanoes.

rgentina offers many unspoiled destinations almost from the tourist point of view. One is the Route of the Volcanoes in Catamarca in northwestern Argentina, a magic circuit for adventure lovers, landscapes and photography.

The route is a winding, uphill road, which passes through 19 volcanoes of over 6000 meters high, countless peaks, lakes of red and turquoise, hot springs, sparse vegetation and exotic animals like flamingos, wild donkeys and guanacos.

catamarca geomap 

The quasi desert landscape offers endless color palette and textures that change as you move from the initial 1500 meters height to 4,700. The trail can be done in a day by car or on a guided tour that will explain the development of the area millions of years ago.

catamarca volcan galan

Among the highest peaks are displayed the Inca Huasi of 6,640 meters, which is the first of six thousand, the Pissis which reaches 6882 meters and the Ojo del Salado, with its 6864 meters is the highest active volcano.

Scattered on the horizon also joined the Walter Penk, Birth and Aguas Calientes. Volcanoes, in ancient times, were considered sacred places, shrines high.


Just 50 km you can stay in one of the charming villages of Catamarca, which are characterized by the hospitality of its people. Constitute the gateway to discover the treasures hidden in the Seismiles.

One option is Tinogasta; the other Fiambala, famous for its fine wines, for their thermal and because it houses the Museum of Man, with mummies of more than 500 years.

In the bowels of Galán volcano, you are the lagoon Diamante, a sparkling lake and enigmatic composition.




catamarca geomap

volcan galan catamarca

catamarca la ruta de los volcanes

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volcan nevado de incahuasi

catamarca volcanes

source: Argentina Live

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