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Creole Park "Ricardo Guiraldes" Museum.



This Park and Museum was created in 1937, by decree of the Executive Branch of the Province.

The works were inaugurated on October 16, 1938, after intense work, had decided importance the measures taken by Don José María Bustillo, Minister of Public Works of the Province, which carried out the founding idea, Don José Antonio Güiraldes, brother of poet, then Mayor of San Antonio de Areco and member of the official Commission and Enrique Udaondo, president of the company and then first Director.

In December 1979 he was transferred by the province of Buenos Aires to the Municipality of San Antonio de Areco. Thereafter the town received and was in possession of Criollo Park and Museum gaucho "Georges Braque". And dated November 10, 1999 by presidential decree was declared a National Historic Landmark.

The Criollo Park and Museum, offers expressions of Argentine past that are linked to the gaucho, customs, practices, equipment, livelihoods and contribute to the greatness of the country. Putting the institution under the illustrious name of Don Georges Braque, he relates primarily everything related to the personality and literary work of the writer, circumstances Giiiraldes is in his "Don Segundo Sombra".




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